Who Owns Your Domain Name?

In the hosting industry, clients are supposed to have the freedom to choose their hosting provider and switch to a better provider if necessary. We have processed so many hosting transfers in and out over the years.

In providing hosting service, we notice some clients actually do not own their own domain name. But their domains are owned by their web developer or a service provider. They are not the legal owner of the domain names they bought!

Why would some providers want to own their clients’ domain names? Perhaps it’s easier for them to administer the web sites of their clients. Perhaps they want to prevent them from switching to another hosting provider. Or perhaps they want more bargaining power dealing with clients. In any case, innocent clients often lose out as they are at the mercy of their provider.

Who owns your domain name? You can do a domain name search. Of course, you can also contact us if you encounter any such issue.

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