Use PingPlotter To Pinpoint Internet Connection Problem

If you encounter problems connecting to our server, perhaps you can send us the PingPlotter report. Download PingPlotter (free version) to find out what’s wrong. Install and run the program as usual.

PingPlotter Report

Just type your server address on the left at the top and hit Enter.  The server address depends on what you want to check.  It could be or for mail server, for web site, or simply

A graph will be generated on the right-hand side every few seconds.  It shows what happens along the way from your PC to our server.  If the graph is mostly in green, you have a good connection.  If there is some yellow or red colour, something might be blocking or slowing down the traffic somewhere on the way.

To save the report, click Edit menu, then Copy As Image.  You can then start and paste the copied image into your graphic software, such as Paint.  Then save the image and send to us here.

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