Updates on New Hosting Service

In a bid to modernize our hosting services for you, to add value to you beyond just web and email hosting, and to offer you simpler and easier service plan to start with, we have revamped our hosting offer.

As you can see on the new BizPartner web site, the new hosting service is no longer based on different hosting plans. Instead, you “rent” the server in terms of “units”. Typically, a client starts with one unit of hosting for RM65 per year, then upgrade only when needed as the business scales up.

However, all current hosting plans are still offered and supported. You can still purchase and renew the current hosting plans. To make your purchase, you can either:

  1. Use the old order form and choose your preferred hosting plan.
  2. Use the new order form but enter the appropriate keyword below in the Remarks field on the order form.
Hosting Plan Keyword Hosting Space Monthly Bandwidth Price Per Year
Mini Plan MINI 100MB 5GB RM80
Basic Plan BASIC 1GB 10GB RM180
Standard Plan STANDARD 6GB 40GB RM280
Silver Plan SILVER 10GB 50GB RM440
Gold Plan GOLD 18GB 60GB RM680

Either way, you will be billed for the right price for the chosen hosting plan.

If you prefer to migrate your current hosting plan to the new hosting service, you are welcome to take up the new scalable hosting service. Please contact us.

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