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Do you have a problem connecting to their web or mail server? While it is possible that the server is down, in many cases the connection from the customer side to the server has an issue, is congested, or simply fails to work.

In such cases, it’s best to find out whether there is anything wrong in the network connection or not. You can simply use the “command prompt” service in Windows and run a few tests – namely pingtelnet and tracert.

Just open the Start Menu, type command or cmd, then press Enter. You will be a blank screen waiting for your input. You are then ready to start each test. Let’s assume your domain name is domain.com. You should replace domain.com with your own domain name in tests below.


This is a quick connection test to the server. If the connection is OK, you should receive responses from the server. On the command prompt, type:

ping www.domain.com – test the web server
ping mail domain.com – test the mail server


It tries to log you on to the server and sees whether it’s successful or not.

telnet mail domain.com 110 – test the mail server at port 110


It reports any connection problem along the way connecting to a server.

tracert www.domain.com – test the web server
tracert mail domain.com – test the mail server

After each test, you can copy the result and send to us. To copy the result, click on the little icon at the top left corner of the command prompt window, and then click Edit and then Mark. Use your mouse to highlight the area of the window you want to copy, and then press Enter to copy.

Then you can email the test result to us. To exit from the command prompt window, simply type exit and then Enter.

Should you have any question, please contact us here.

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