Hosting Service Plans for SME Businesses

Sign up for a BizPartner service plan to enjoy these benefits:

  • Solution – Host your website and emails on secure server that has worked for thousands of clients.
  • Service – Enjoy responsive services to troubleshoot and overcome any IT challenges.
  • Sharing – Attend free knowledge sharing workshops for you and your team.

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Know Your Rights

  • Choose your own host – You can register a domain name with provider A but host it with provider B. You can let provider C design your site but host it with provider D. You don’t need to put all eggs with one provider.
  • Control your hosting – Get hold of all login details to your hosting control panel such as cPanel to manage your own website, email accounts, and other features on your server.
  • Access to hosting services – You can access your website, emails, and hosting account anytime. Nobody should sabotage you by disallowing your access to these services.

BizPartner Service Plans

Service PlanHosting SpaceMonthly BandwidthPersonal ServicesOnline WorkshopsAnnual Fee
Mini Plan100 MB5 GBIncludedIncludedRM80.00
Basic Plan1 GB10 GBIncludedIncludedRM180.00
Standard Plan6 GB40 GBIncludedIncludedRM280.00
Silver Plan10 GB50 GBIncludedIncludedRM440.00
Gold Plan18 GB60 GBIncludedIncludedRM680.00

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But I Can Get Huge Space From Others!

Buyer beware of the “overselling” business model! Anyone can promise to sell any amount of space at any price. But we all know that you will use only a small fraction of it.

Under a shared hosting environment, a single server hosts many websites and emails at the same time. All server resources – space, memory, bandwidth, processing power – are in fact limited.

If you indeed use a lot of space, chances are you will be using so many server resources that your hosting can be suspended because your usage affects the server performance, slows down, and even causes problems to other clients on the same server.

Our Promises

Server hosting control – We provide all necessary server hosting login information to you. You are free to access and backup your files and website.

Web site hijacking – We won’t do anything to prevent you from accessing, editing, and transferring your website to another provider.

Web site copyright – We don’t develop websites. But in case we need to help create or maintain your website, your website is your copyright and we won’t claim copyright of your website.


We are sourcing web and email hosting services mainly from Exabytes, Hostpro2u, and other providers. Your personal information will be passed to these service providers if you purchase hosting services from us.

BizPartner is a Platinum Partner of Exabytes and a reseller for a few other providers. You can choose any of their hosting solutions and buy from us at the same price, yet enjoy additional technical support and knowledge sharing from BizPartner.

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