Linux Server – Technical Specifications

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Domain Name  
Subdomains Unlimited
Parked domains Unlimited
Add-on domains Unlimited
Site Management  
IP address Shared
FTP accounts Unlimited
cPanel control panel Yes
Web statistics Yes
Email Management  
POP and IMAP email accounts Unlimited
Webmail Yes
Unlimited forwarding Yes*
Unlimited autoresponders Yes
Antispam features Yes
Fallback/Grab all/Catch all account Yes
SSL connection Yes
Sender Policy Framework (SPF) Yes
Maximum email size 20MB
Maximum outgoing emails 300 per hour
1000 per day
Supported Technology  
Python Yes
Ruby on Rails Yes
PhpMyAdmin Yes
Perl Yes
WordPress Yes
Drupal Yes
Joomla Yes
Security and Data Recovery  
Basic firewall protection Yes
Intrusion detection system Yes
Daily backup Yes**
Server Specification  
Hosting platform Linux
Hosting environment Shared
Hosting space 1GB
Virtual memory limit 512MB
Inode usage (File usage) 250,000


* Email forwarding to free web-based services such as Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo Mail is blocked due to spam concerns. There is a workaround to fetch emails directly from Gmail etc.

** Daily backup is kept for the last 2 weeks only. Please ensure you have your own regular backup of your web site, emails and all data and not rely on backup on the server. Please contact us for advice on how to perform a backup at your end.

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