Receiving Spams From Yourself?

Have you been receiving spam emails from yourself? From your own name and email address!

Actually such spams are not uncommon.  The spammers use email spoofing to forge emails as if they are sent from known friends and even your good self! It’s actually not hard to forge such emails. Any skilled web programmer is able to do it without knowing your email password.

You might wonder whether your mail server security has been compromised that it is used to send out spams to yourself. Not necessarily and not likely.

Why do spammers want to use your or your friend’s email address to send to yourself? One reason is for them to hide their true identity. Another one is that the email recipients are more likely to open such emails, seeing that familiar names have sent the emails to them.

So is there any solution to such a problem? The honest answer is no. What hosting providers can do is to put in place some preventive measures such as Sender Policy Framework (SPF)DomainKeys and others. Please get them to turn on these security features for you.

SPF checks with the server of the alleged sender’s domain name to see whether the email indeed comes from that server. If yes, the email will go through to the email recipient. If not, it will be blocked and will not reach you.

Nobody likes to receive spams.  Spams also present a big problem for hosting providers for using up a lot of server resources that otherwise would have been available for other good use.

But please work together with your hosting provider and together such incidents can be minimized. Contact us if you need help.

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